Print Posted by Alpha Pest Control Inc. on 05/26/2016

Alpha Pest Control Inc.

Green pest control” is not new to Alpha Ecological. For more than 20 years, we’ve promoted smarter, more responsible pest control by following an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) service model.

IPM is an eco-friendly industry approach that focuses on pest prevention, education and targeted application of reduced-toxicity products. Our technicians use higher-quality products in smaller amounts, selectively applying them only where needed. We also constantly monitor our customers’ homes during service visits and alert them to conducive conditions that could attract pests. We firmly believe that being open and transparent about our pest control services is important in a time when “greenwashing” by new competitors riddles the landscape of the pest control industry. By staying true to our Green Approach to Pest Control™, we are also staying true to our customers while maintaining our commitment to the environment.

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